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Oticon Zircon 1


Zircon is the most intelligent platform ever designed called Polaris manufactured by Oticon. The Zircon delivers...

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Buy Oticon Hearing Aids

Considered as the “Apple” of the hearing aid world, Oticon hearing aids offer some of the world’s leading hearing aid technologies. A long company history and the desire to make the perfect hearing aid led this brand to make some of the best hearing aids you can get. That’s why Direct Hearing is proud to provide these top-of-the-line hearing aids at an affordable rate.

When you buy Oticon hearing aids, you don’t simply purchase a hearing device; you get world-class convenience. Easily enjoy conversations, talk on the phone, listen to music, and watch TV with the Oticon More hearing aids. With the world’s first onboard deep neural network, these hearing aids allow you to get more out of life. Experience the natural sound quality and fast processing speed for yourself when you buy Oticon hearing aids.

About Oticon More Models

The Oticon More hearing aids are built on a technology called BrainHearing™ that is designed to support the wearer’s brain’s natural sound processing. Through this life-changing technology, Oticon has designed a hearing aid solution that meets a variety of people’s hearing needs with reliability, discreetness, and comfortability. Oticon has reported that these hearing aids send 30% more sound to the brain than the Oticon Opn S model, enhancing your ability to understand speech by 15%. The deep neural network (DNN) embedded on the hearing aids’ chip allows you to recognize 12 million sounds and helps your brain focus on what’s important. When you buy Oticon hearing aids, you’ll be getting the best in the industry.

The Oticon More hearing aids can be paired with iPhone and select Android devices through Bluetooth connectivity to give you more options. They also have rechargeable batteries, allowing you to have a full day of battery life after just three short hours of charging (or six hours of power after just 30 minutes). Do you struggle with tinnitus? You can find relief when you buy Oticon hearing aids. Their More model provides tinnitus support by playing calming sounds through the hearing aids. With various styles and options, you can enjoy more of what life has to offer by purchasing Oticon More hearing aids.

Purchase Affordable Oticon More Hearing Aids Online

It’s your life, and you should have a say in how you experience it. That’s where Oticon hearing aids come in. The More line can give you the power and freedom to enjoy every conversation, every concert, every ocean wave, and every one of your grandchild’s laughs.

Are you ready to make better sense of the sounds around you? Buy Oticon hearing aids from Direct Hearing today. We have financing options and a free online hearing test to help you get the perfect hearing aid solution.