Are Hearing Aids Tax Deductible?

Are Hearing Aids Tax Deductible?

  • Apr 21, 2021

First things first — the good news is that hearing aids are tax-deductible, but there are a few caveats to keep in mind:


Hearing Aids Are Tax-Deductible If You Itemize Your Medical Expenses

If you want to take advantage of tax deductions for hearing aids, you will need to itemize your medical expenses carefully. 


Itemizing your medical expenses can be a tedious process of collecting and scanning receipts, among other things, so you might not decide to deduct your hearing aid expenses every year. If you spend more than 7.5% of your income on medical costs over a two-year period, you are eligible to deduct your medical costs from your insurance. 


In short, if you have paid a lot of medical bills this year, you may benefit from itemizing your hearing aid expenses and taking advantage of deductions. 


What Hearing Aid Expenses Can You Deduct From Your Taxes? 



You can deduct the following hearing-related medical expenses:


  • Hearing aids
  • Batteries
  • Maintenance costs 
  • Phone equipment to link your hearing devices to your phone
  • Televisions, hearing-related tv accessories, and repair costs
  • A guide dog and their related food, veterinary, and grooming expenses
  • Specialized smoke detectors, doorbells, and burglar alarms

Consult With a Tax Expert to Take Advantage of All Available Deductions. 

Taxes can get undoubtedly get overwhelming, but you don’t have to navigate them alone. You can use the IRS form 1040 Schedule A to itemize your taxes, and you’ll need to make sure to hold onto all your receipts. Tax experts and certified accountants can help you figure out exactly which of your expenses qualify as medical expenses and the best methods for deductions. If you purchased hearing aids for a family member, the purchase only qualifies for deduction if you also claim that person as a dependent. 



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