Behind the Ear Hearing Aids (BTE Devices)

Behind the Ear (BTE) hearing aids are great for most levels of hearing loss. They are best for people with mild to profound hearing loss or people with high frequency hearing loss. The BTE hearing aid is larger than most hearing aids as it houses the speaker inside the body of the unit. With all the technology located inside the housing of the hearing aid it tends to be dust and moisture resistant as well as being less likely to get blocked up by ear wax.

Receiver in Canal Hearing Aids (RIC Devices)

RICs are a type of open-fit hearing aid that use a thin plastic “micro” tube that extends from the body of the hearing aid (housed behind the ear). These types of hearing aids are best for people who suffer from mild to profound hearing loss. They tend to be better at diminishing feedback as well as providing longer battery use compared to BTE hearing aid models. Like BTE hearing aids however most are moisture and dust resistant meaning you can wear them in more places than thought possible.

Completely in the Canal Hearing Aids (CIC Devices)

CIC hearing aids are some of the smallest hearing aids you can buy. They are best suited for people with mild to severe hearing loss. People that choose CIC hearing aids like the hidden aspect behind them. where they sit in the ear canal they are practically invisible to everyone. With new technology you can even control most CIC hearing aids with your smartphone or with a remote control. Even though they don't tend to pick up wind noise, background noise can still be disruptive when using these devices. In addition, these devices are not suited to everyone. Please talk with one of our experts to find out if a CIC hearing aid is the right fit for you.

In the Ear Devices (ITE Devices)

ITE hearing aids are best suited for people with mild to moderate hearing loss. The ITE hearing aid is designed to fill nearly the entire hollow region of your ear. With the capability to be molded to your ear they will fit like they were meant to be there. Overall, this style of hearing aid comes with some great features but prices vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. It is best to contact one of our experts to find out if a custom ITE device is right for you.

In the Canal Hearing aids (ITC Devices)

In the Canal hearing aids are designed to sit partially inside the ear canal and partial out. This style of hearing aid is best suiting for people suffering from mild to severe hearing loss. The ITC hearing aids do however come with certain features that CIC hearing aids lack which is one positive to choosing a ITC over CIC hearing aid. They are slightly more visible than CIC however due to the custom molding normally performed with this style of hearing aid. Prices vary from manufacturer to manufacturer and we highly recommend calling one of our experts to find out if a ITC hearing aid is the right fit for you.


When choosing the right hearing aid there are many factors to consider like price, hearing aid style, individual hearing loss, and more. We recommend that before you purchase any hearing aid that you call one of our experts for a free consultation on which hearing aid might be right for you based on your specific hearing loss needs.