How Do I Know When It’s Time to Upgrade My Hearing Aid?

How Do I Know When It’s Time to Upgrade My Hearing Aid?

  • Feb 15, 2021

Accepting it’s time to get a hearing aid can be difficult, but what do you do when your hearing aid isn’t working properly anymore? Sometimes loss of hearing is so subtle that you don’t notice the signs until they’re extreme. Like all technology, hearing aids require updates. Technology improves over time. Innovations become more ground-breaking. The fit becomes more comfortable. 

Hearing aids are not what they were ten years ago, and the same will be true ten years from now. Hearing aids can last up to 7 years, but some models start to show their age in as few as three years. For this reason, it’s important to remain in regular contact with your audiologist and work closely with your hearing care provider to ensure that your device is working correctly. 


There are a few signs to keep in mind as your hearing aid ages:


Loss of Hearing

Hearing loss is degenerative, and as such, it gets worse over time. If you notice you’re struggling to hear more often than you were when you first adjusted to your hearing aid, it may be time to consider a visit to your hearing care provider. 

Lifestyle Changes

If you’ve had any lifestyle changes since your last hearing aid adjustment, you may have noticed a difference in performance. Quieter lifestyles and louder lifestyles have different hearing aid requirements. If you have new grandkids around or you’ve started a more demanding job, you might want to consider reaching out to a hearing specialist for the necessary adjustments and upgrades. 

Industry Innovations

Hearing aid technology improves with time. New features can be rolled out as frequently as every year, and it’s possible that the new features will enhance your hearing and your quality of life. Modern hearing aids can seamlessly pair with your technology, such as your computer, TV, and other audio devices.  

Like all modern technology, innovations are getting bigger and better every day. Take charge of your hearing health and reach out to your hearing care provider to discuss the latest options in hearing aids. 

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