How Hearing Aids Can Help Manage Tinnitus

How Hearing Aids Can Help Manage Tinnitus

  • Aug 26, 2021

Many people with tinnitus also experience hearing loss. It becomes harder to mask the tinnitus sound when this happens because it’s all they can focus on. Finding an effective treatment for the ringing, buzzing, or humming noise becomes a priority.


Fortunately, many people diagnosed with tinnitus and hearing loss have been able to find relief with the use of hearing aids. These little devices amplify external sounds while masking tinnitus symptoms. Let’s look at how exactly tinnitus can be managed with hearing aids.


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Makes Other Sounds Louder

When you start to lose your hearing due to age, hearing damage, or trauma to the auditory system, the tinnitus sounds grow louder. The ringing becomes your annoying companion morning, noon, and night.


Hearing aids can help manage these irritating noises by making it easier to hear the external sounds around you. You can turn the volume up on your grandkids' chatter, the crashing of the waterfall on your hike, or the soft melodies from your record player to draw focus away from the buzzing in your ears.


Improves Communication

It seems like a brick wall builds up around you when you can’t hear what others are saying. It leaves you feeling like you can’t properly engage with your coworkers, friends, and family. In your loneliness, it becomes harder to ignore the effects of your tinnitus, which isolates you even more.


Carrying on conversations is much easier when you have hearing aids that amplify the sounds around you. You’ll be able to enjoy stories from your friends and family without having to ask them to repeat themselves. By being more social, you’ll be distracted from your tinnitus. It also improves your feelings of stress, which can make tinnitus symptoms worse if not properly managed.


Stimulates the Auditory Receptors in Your Brain

Hearing loss can cause the auditory centers in your brain to atrophy or weaken over time. By wearing hearing aids, you’ll keep these audio receptors healthy because they’ll continue to have practice interpreting background noises. Over time, stimulating these auditory pathways can help minimize the symptoms of tinnitus.


Get Tinnitus Relief with Hearing Aids

Dealing with tinnitus or hearing loss on its own is challenging enough. If you’re struggling with both, it can seem like your situation is hopeless. The good news is that you can find relief from tinnitus symptoms and hearing loss with the use of hearing aids. Enjoy the enriching sounds of your family’s laughter, your friends’ conversations, and the birds chirping around you while masking the ringing noises in your ears.


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