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Phonak Charger Combi Case


Phonak Charger Combi Case. The Phonak Charger Combi Case revolutionizes lithium ion charging for your Phonak...

Phonak Power Pack. The Phonak Power Pack is a great addition to your Charger Combi Case....

This easy to use remote is compatible with Phonak hearing aids. Effortless Control and Connectivity with...

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Phonak Hearing Aids for Sale

Phonak is a member of the Sonova Group, a Swiss company that's primary goal is advancing hearing aid technologies. Phonak is well-known for constantly updating their range of hearing aids and for providing affordable models that are among the best performing in the industry. Phonak hearing aids are well-received by users and have a reputation as being some of the top models in terms of cost and value for money.

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Phonak packs the latest technology into their hearing aids, and it's this fact that has helped them to carve out a niche at the forefront of the hearing aid sector. Here at Discount Daily Hearing, we have a full range of Phonak hearing aids for sale online and are one of the best choices for people looking to buy a new hearing aid. Whatever level of support is required to help you live with clearer hearing, we've got something affordable for you to buy today.

Phonak Hearing Aid Models

The Phonak line of hearing aids is always being improved and added to. The company boasts a wide range of hearing aids that feature the brand's trademark blend of technology and style.

  • The flagship Paradise Audeo line offers the brand's trademark pristine sound quality that it's known for, as well as universal connectivity and the ability to tailor your hearing experience no matter where you are, at home or out and about.
  • The Bolero line is a great alternative to the Paradise Audeo range and has built-in telecoils and dedicated volume controls that allow the wearer to customize their experience. Bolero hearing aids also feature water-resistant coating and rechargeable batteries.

Phonak Hearing Aid Features

Phonak hearing instruments are well-known for boasting the latest technology and providing a wide range of benefits to the wearer. Phonak produces hearing aids in different styles and colors as well as different sizes and suitability for different levels of hearing loss.

All Phonak hearing aids boast the brand's trademark technology and allow the wearer to consider what their eventual goals will be for managing their hearing loss. Depending on how you intend to spend their day, there are different levels of technology from Phonak that will allow them to live their lives in the most stress-free manner possible.

Phonak Hearing Aid Cost

Phonak hearing aid prices are around $900 and $1,900. With the entry-level offering from Phonak providing a great alternative to the pricier models, people on just about any budget can grab a great deal that is right for them. The hearing aid fitting process is extremely important and should be considered before making any purchases— reach out to our experts for more information.

These factors determine which Phonak hearing aid prices will be ideal for you! Contact our hearing care provider today.

Get Your Phonak Hearing Aid Today!

At Discount Daily Hearing, we stock a wide range of hearing devices from all leading suppliers. If our range of Phonak hearing aids aren't what you're looking for, we also stock Signia hearing aids, ReSound hearing aids, Widex hearing aids, and much more. We have the best range of hearing aids for sale online and are guaranteed to have something to suit your exact requirements. Contact us today to place your order! 

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