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Widex COM-DEX BENEFITS OF THE COM-DEX SOLUTION Stream high-quality sound from any Bluetooth device to your...

For use with your Widex Moment hearing aids as a partner microphone and table microphone.  It...

CHARGE N CLEAN Take better care of your Widex rechargeable hearing aids with Widex Charge n...

WIDEX SOUNDCONNECT Enjoy a smooth, hassle-free experience with Widex SoundConnect, streaming stereo audio directly from personal...

CHARGED WHEN YOU NEED THEM Elevate your day with a quick charge, portable convenience, and transparent...

STANDARD CHARGER For your Widex rechargeable hearing aids (Moment and Moment Sheer), you can use the...

Showing 17 - 22 of 22 results

Widex Hearing Aids for Sale

Following a conversation in a noisy environment can be frustrating, and missing the nuances of your favorite TV shows and movies disappointing when you have partial hearing loss. Widex, one of the most technologically advanced hearing aid brands on the market, uses advanced technology to create crystal clarity and sensitivity in its devices, and Discount Daily Hearing is the best place for affordable Widex products for sale online.

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Widex Hearing Aid Models

Widex hearing aids provide the best high-definition hearing solutions, emphasizing the sensitivity of the devices and premium filtering out of background noise. There are several different makes of the Evoke and Moment models, with alternative specifications for a variety of users.

  • Widex Moment, available in the 440, 330, 220, and 110 model: This device uses the Moment app, compatible with both iOS and Android mobile devices, and utilizes machine-learning technology in a user-friendly manner. Widex's proprietary SoundSense Learn technology allows the user to "train" their hearing aid to their preferred, most common environments for better sensitivity and clarity.
  • Widex Evoke, available in the 440, 330, 220, and 110 model: This hearing aid is controlled through a mobile app, compatible with both Android and iOS phones. Using this app, the wearer can change the sensitivity of the hearing aid according to their environment, sharpening sounds, reducing background noise, or turning the volume up and down. Different settings are optimized for alternative types of environments.
  • Widex TV Play: The patented dual-antenna design of this speaker and receiver allows users to hear their favorite shows, movies, or sports programming in crystal clarity. The TV Play streams directly to the user who wears WIDEX 2.4 GHz-enabled hearing aids. Customized sounds for the wearer means that friends and family can watch with the user at a more comfortable volume.
  • Widex COM-DEX: This solution allows Widex hearing aid users to stream from any Bluetooth device straight to their hearing aid. This allows for unlimited media interaction, as the user may choose to listen to music from their smartphone, use a Fire Stick or Roku on TV for media, or even listen to music or watch videos on another user's device. This opens up more options for those with partial hearing loss.

Widex Hearing Aid Features

Widex hearing aids feature advanced technology. While each model varies to certain specifications, all Widex hearing aids offer:

  • Artificial Intelligence power that delivers fast, reliable connectivity and intuitive user interface
  • State-of-the-art technology and highly-sensitive microphone applications that allow the user to discern different sounds and reduce background noise for better clarity
  • All devices have iPhone compatibility for on-the-go modulation and adjustments
  • High-frequency boost and speech enhancers
  • Noise reduction for loud and busy environments
  • Fully rechargeable devices, which means no more replacing batteries
  • Specialized support for the hearing aid fitting process

The core of Widex design is using smart design to create a more personalized user experience. With a wide range of features and options, there's a Widex hearing aid for every situation.

Widex Hearing Aid Cost

Discount Daily Hearing offers affordable discounts on all Widex hearing aids and sound enhancements. The cost to buy each model can vary according to its features.

  • Widex Moment: $1,399 - $1,879
  • Widex Evoke: $1,224 - $1,844
  • Widex COM-DEX: $299
  • Widex TV: Call for pricing

Get Your Discount Widex Hearing Aid Today!

Discount Daily Hearing offers a variety of different hearing aid models, all designed to fit your unique needs. Visit us online to explore your available options for financing, the right affordable Widex hearing aid for you, and step-by-step setup processes. Our dedicated customer service team is standing by, ready to work with you when you're ready to buy. We also carry Phonak, Signia, and ReSound products. Contact us today for more information!