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Phonak Lumity L90 with CROS/BiCROS

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Phonak Audéo Lumity Hearing Aid with CROS/BiCROS






 Available in 4 technology Levels: Entry (Lumity L30), Essential (Lumity L50), Advanced (Lumity L70) and Premium (Lumity L90)


The impact of speech

When patients can hear and understand conversations around them, it illuminates their world. That’s why our innovative hearing solutions are designed for people of all ages and all degrees of hearing loss to connect socially as well as thrive mentally and emotionally. 

With Phonak Lumity hearing devices, the new portfolio focuses on giving them improved speech understanding1 with its unique Phonak SmartSpeech Technology. They can enjoy conversations in challenging listening situations1. Precisely controlled by AutoSense OS™ 5.0, SmartSpeech technology is currently available in all Lumity RICs, including Audéo L-RT, L-RT and Audéo Life™ Lumity. 

Speech detection from all around

With SpeechSensor, patients can better hear sound from all around them. This automatic feature detects the main speech source and adjusts its microphone modes to ensure the patient has more access to the world around them. 

Scientific literature has found that having more access to sound not only provides clarity but reduces listening effort.3,4,5 

Improved focus in noise

Lumity hearing aid wearers benefit from a narrow microphone beam that focuses on the person speaking in front of them, thanks to StereoZoom 2.0.

When their Lumity hearing aids are paired with myPhonak, patients can use the app to take control of how much focus they would like in challenging environments.


Reduced listing effort

Our proprietary fitting formula, Adaptive Phonak Digital (APD) 2.0, is designed to balance audibility, loudness and sound quality. It does this by applying a dedicated processing algorithm and pre-calculation for a comfortable, spontaneous first-fit acceptance. APD 2.0 leads to reduced listening effort in noise for those with mild to severe hearing loss.* 

Independent research has found that reducing listening effort may free up cognitive resources for purposes other than listening.2


Automatically adjusts to the sound environment

ActiveVent™ Receiver – the world’s first intelligent hearing aid receiver – is a hearing aid speaker that combines both comfort and hearing performance. It attaches to Lumity hearing aids and blocks out noise in loud environments while providing patients with a comfortable and natural listening experience in quiet, giving 10% better speech understanding in loud noise.**1

ActiveVent is intelligently controlled by AutoSense OS 5.0 and automatically adjusts Lumity hearing aids to suit many environments.

Phonak Audeo Lumity Key Features:


Multifunctional Bluetooth® connections

The multifunctional capabilities of Phonak Lumity allow for up to eight Bluetooth-enabled devices to be paired, while two can be simultaneously connected. In today’s virtually connected world, tech-savvy hearing aid wearers can now switch effortlessly between two active devices. This adds to a seamless listening experience.


Tap Control for easy access

With a motion sensor-based hearing aid, it makes it possible to steer Bluetooth® features via a double tap on the pinna. This function allows the wearer to accept/end calls from connected cell phones, pause/resume streaming from connected Bluetooth® devices and gain access to Bluetooth®-based Voice Assistance apps. Patients can answer calls while on the go or ask their Voice Assistant for driving directions with a simple double tap of their ear.


Motion sensor

Ultra-low power tri-axial accelerometer supports new connectivity and hearing performance features. The sensor has an industry-leading balance of high performance and low power consumption.

Motion Sensor Hearing Aid

Cros System Explained

A Contralateral Routing Of Signals (CROS) hearing aid is a solution for treating single sided deafness. A Cros is worn on the ear that is unaidable or not able to be helped by hearing aids and transmits the sounds over to the hearing aid worn on the normal ear. Cros devices typically look just like a hearing aid, but it has no speaker. This system allows you to hear sounds from both sides of your head through the hearing aid on your normal ear.

A BiCros is very similar to a Cros system. Expect on this system the hearing aid is treating the hearing loss on one ear and mixing the signals from the Cros. Most manufactures have the BiCros and Cros as the same device and it is just programmed to the best type for your hearing loss.


Premium (L90) Advanced (L70) Standard (L50) Essential (L30)
AutoSense OS™ 5.0:
Comfort in Echo X
Speech in Car X
Speech in Loud Noise X
Music X X
Comfort in Noise X X X
Speech in Noise X X X X
Calm Situation X X X X
Media speech + mic X X X X
Media music + mic X X X X
Additional Programs:
Max. additional programs 4 4 4 4
Comfort in Echo X
Speech in Loud Noise X X
Speech in 360º X X
Speech in Noise X X X X
Calm Situation X X X X
Comfort in Noise X X X X
Music X X X X
Acoustic phone X X X X
Custom program X X X X
Streaming Programs:
RogerDirect + mic X X X X
PartnerMic + mic X X X X
Phone call + mic X X X X
UltraZoom X X X X
Dynamic Noise Cancellation X
Speech Enhancer X
EchoBlock X
Tap Control*
- Siri/Google Assistant X X
- Pause/resume streaming X X
- Accept/end phone call X X
StereoZoom X X
WindBlock X X
SoundRelax X X
Motion Sensor Hearing* X X X
DuoPhone X X X
Real Ear Sound X X X
Roger and Directional setting X X X
SoundRecover2 X X X X
WhistleBlock X X X X
NoiseBlock X X X X
RogerDirect™ X X X X
User Preference Tuning X X X X
QuickSync X X X X
Tinnitus Balance X X X X
Auto Acclimatization X X X X
Environmental balance X X X X
Health functionalities X X X X
Speech sensor X
Finetuning Channels 20 20 16 12
Phonak Audéo Lumity Hearing Aid with CROS/BiCROS   DIRECT STREAMING BLUETOOTH (ANDROID/IPHONE/LAPTOP/PC)    REMOTE PROGRAMMING SUPPORTED (ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD) FASTEST CHIPSET FOR PHONAK HEARING AIDS    Available in 4 technology Levels: Entry (Lumity L30), Essential (Lumity L50), Advanced (Lumity L70) and Premium (Lumity L90)   The impact